Finger Food & Canapes 


Food that you will be happy to serve at your next event, great flavours and attractively presented.

MEATS $3.50 Per Item

  • Roast Beef on mini brioche buns with garlic aioli sliders
  • Chicken Spring rolls with sweet chilli dipping sauce
  • Lamb Koftas with yoghurt dipping sauce or chilli sauce
  • Caramelised Onion, bacon & cream cheese tarts
  • Marinated Chicken skewers with tomato sauce
  • Marinated Beef skewers with tomato sauce
  • Marinated Lamb skewers with tomato sauce
  • Marinated Chicken nibbles with aioli or tomato sauce
  • Meat Savouries with tomato sauce
  • Assorted club sandwiches
  • Sausage Rolls


SEAFOOD $3.70 Per Item

  • Kokoda (Snapper, lemon, cucumber, tomatoes, chilli & coriander) served on china spoons
  • Smoked Salmon & cream cheese tartlet
  • Prawn skewers with lemon aioli
  • Spicy marinated fish bites with chilli or tomato sauce
  • Roti and curried fish rolls with tomato sauce


VEGETARIAN $3.30 Per Item

  • Feta & Spinach Filos
  • Mini Roti Roll ups with fire roasted egg plant relish
  • Vegetable Samosas with sweet chilli sauce
  • Vegetarian Sausage rolls and tomato sauce
  • Feta & Spinach Quiches
  • Assorted Vegetarian club sandwiches
  • Vegetable bhajiyas with sweet chilli sauce
  • Vegetarian Ukma with coconut chutney


VEGAN $3.30 Per Item

  • Pastries filled with spiced potatoes & yoghurt dipping sauce
  • Vegan mini burgers with falafel & teriyaki sauce
  • Vegan Pakora with Tamarind dip
  • Roasted Vegetable & tofu skewers with satay sauce
  • Roti Roll ups with spiced potatoes & mango chutney
  • Saina (Taro leaves wrapped with dhal, spices) served with chilli sauce
  • Assorted Vegan sandwiches

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